Shuangrun brand 6 axis CNC drill and platation machine SR2-3

Model: Shuangrun brand 6 axis CNC  drill and platation machine SR2-3-A
Techinical parameters:
1.Production efficiency: 8-15 holes/second
2.Servo axis: 6 axis
3.Hair plantation hole diameters: φ2.5—φ6mm
4.Hair plantation type: Wire flattening/Wire circle
5.Hair plantation length: ≤240mm 
6.Control type: touch screen and CNC servo control
7.Stroage hair plantation sequence: 100XN
8.Air pressure supply: 0.6—0.8MPA
9.Main axis motor power: 2KW
10.Power supply: 380V
11.Size: 2200*1500*1800
Technical features
1.CNC servo control, low noise, high positioning accuracy
2.Adopt touch screen operation,chinese and english display,easy parameter adjustable ,high efficiency stable running
3.Adopt centralized lubrication system, lubrication is stable
4.When make samples,adopt teaching mode,flexible,when make with batch,adopt working mode,you can change between manual and automatic mode.
5.Full functions,with 3 sets of drilling device and 2 sets of plantation device,can drill single hole/single plantation hair/single drill plantation/double drilling hole/double plantation hair/double drilling and plantation/single colour hair or double colour hair choosing.